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Moon Girl Promo Video

Moon Girl is a retro, ray-gun graphic novel, funded on Kickstarter in December 2018. This is a public domain, golden age story re-imagined for the modern age by Omar Morales. #MoonGirl 

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I make independent comic books in collaboration with great artist partners. My audience is you: the comic book lover that wants a fun escape into the world of fantastic fiction and adventure.

My 1st book: CruZader™: Agent of the Vatican


CruZader was published in 2013 and launched via Kickstarter, Diamond Comics Distributors, and ComiXology. CruZader is the Guinness World Records titleholder for "Largest Comic Book Published."

My current project: Moon Girl

Moon Girl by Omar Morales

Moon Girl started as an 9-page short story in the "Not Forgotten" Anthology, published in 2017 via Kickstarter. The Moon Girl stand-alone story funded as an 88-page graphic novel on Kickstarter, publishing in 2019. View the Moon Girl campaign page here.